We create lodging concepts in urban and natural surroundings and share them with the world. Places where you are invited to feel at home, where you can dream and connect with your tribe to enjoy wonderful moments.

Our purpose is to provide you with a feel-good experience, welcoming hospitality and personal service to enjoy your stay and well-being.

We are passionate about magical places and buildings, with sense of peacefulness, harmony, comfort and simplicity in mind. We create our own designs and build and furnish our unique places. We love to combine authentic elements with textiles, interior- and exterior objects.

Our philosophy is to respect each other, trust each other, have a positive mindset and practice gratitude. We believe that a good flow creates a good growth.

Dare to dream big! We trust in our dreams and pursue them, to make them happen every day.
 While traveling we find so much inspiration, that we transfer to our places.
 Every day we learn and change in order to grow.
 Our ambition is to create self-sustainable lodging concepts with our great team.
 This sustainable base allows us to nurture our trees into a forest and support the edville estate foundation.
 We are purposefully focused on building our dreams and connecting to the wonderful people, nature and elements around us.

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  • Edville Studio ( Terplaten BV)
  • Ter Platen 60, 9000 Gent
  • +32 395 08 07
  • reception@edville.be